Air conditioning units do much of their heavy duty work relatively quietly. They take hot air, cool it down, remove contaminants, reduce humidity, and then release it into the environment. They are also running continuously for hours in a day and it’s not surprising that they require rigorous maintenance and servicing to perform at optimal levels.

However, despite your best efforts, you might still find that your air conditioning unit breaks down from time to time. When this happens, your best course of action is to opt for a professional aircon repair service in Singapore and get expert advice. To help you understand what goes on during a typical aircon repair process, we’ve broken it down into the main elements.

1. Cleaning Of Different Aircon Components

Aircons are complex appliances with many different parts that are all crucial for proper functioning. One of the most common reasons for aircon failure is usually due to dust and debris accumulation on aircon components. Over time, aircon components such as air filters, coils, and fins accumulate dirt, dust, and debris, which reduces the unit’s efficiency. Therefore, a repair technician will first disassemble the unit and thoroughly clean each component using specialized tools and cleaning agents.

Evaluating Condenser Unit-Evaluating the functionality of the condenser unit

2. Evaluating Condenser Unit

The condenser unit is responsible for removing heat from the air and expelling it outside. If the condenser unit is not functioning correctly, it can cause the aircon to blow warm air or shut down completely. If these signs are noticed in a malfunctioning unit, the condenser is more often than not the culprit for the issue.

During the aircon repair process, the technician will evaluate the condenser to ensure that it is functioning as it is supposed to be. This may involve cleaning the condenser coil, checking the fan blades and motor, and testing the electrical connections.

3. Investigating Electrical Components

The many electrical components can also very often lead to an aircon breakdown. An experienced technician will inspect the electrical components to ensure that they are functioning correctly. They will check for loose wires, frayed cords, or faulty connections. Any electrical component that isn’t working can lead to a number of different problems with your aircon.

In these cases the fix can be a simple part replacement or a changing of the wires and electrical contact points during an aircon servicing in Singapore. However correctly locating the component that is causing the problem is where an expert’s eye is required. For this purpose, you should always get a qualified technician to conduct the repair to avoid running into further issues.

Investigating Electrical Components-Checking the refrigerant system

Source: Alliance Climate Control

4. Checking Of Refrigerant System

The refrigerant system consists of fluids which circulate through the aircon, and is responsible for cooling the air in the aircon. Over time this refrigerant can decrease in level due to leaks in the piping or other issues. During an aircon servicing, a technician will check the refrigerant lines for any leaks and repair them if necessary. The refrigerant fluid levels will also be topped up if required.

Unless you are a trained aircon repair technician, you should not attempt to perform an aircon unit repair by yourself. Aircon repair is extremely complicated and most laymen do not have either the technical know-how or the right tools. Professional aircon repair men on the other hand have a wide range of experience dealing with different aircon unit problems and are more than capable of servicing your unit correctly.

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