The air conditioners provide a calm and comfortable working environment on wet, heavy, and hot summer days. It gives a more conducive area to work in. But your air conditioner also needs to undergo routine servicing or get repaired in more worst situations.

The air-conditioning systems of commercial buildings usually remain in constant use for all the years of service. According to our expert’s advice, your air-conditioning system should at least be serviced for maintenance once half year. It also depends on the condition as if your AC is relatively brand new, it doesn’t show any signs or symptoms of damage.

The air conditioners’ efficiency reduces by 5% because of the accumulation of dust, dirt, and other particles in the filters and coils. It doesn’t stop here, but it also causes further damage to the air conditioners and other components. The obstruction of the airflow may lead to unwanted heating inside your unit.

A regular maintenance schedule will not only keep your unit functioning at 95% efficiency for years but also increases the appliance’s lifetime. Our commercial aircon servicing includes annual repair and maintenance contracts for commercial buildings to keep their air-conditioning systems working efficiently all throughout.

You can get our assistance in the following services for office aircon servicing in Singapore:

  • Routine Aircon Maintenance

Our routine commercial aircon repairs and maintenance services will ensure the tip-top condition of your office air conditioners. It also makes sure that the commercial and industrial air conditioners are routinely serviced. It is essential to detect if there are any problems or malfunctions that need to be addressed. We detect any possible issues to avoid more expensive aircon repair costs for you. Our office aircon servicing Singapore contract provides regular inspection and maintenance to your office air conditioners.

  • Aircon Installation

Are you in search of installing new commercial air conditioners at your office?

City Cooling Pte Ltd offers a range of aircon installation packages that include VRF and VRV systems. We have qualified professional aircon specialists equipped with the necessary skills to install industrial and commercial air conditioners in Singapore. From a fan coil unit to ceiling ducted units and from a normal system to VRV systems, we have got you covered!

You can expect the best aircon installation services and commercial aircon repair in Singapore from us because of our reliable and experienced technicians. We believe in delivering quality with great details and efficiency.

  • Cleaning

Suppose you avoid regular aircon maintenance for a while. In this case, it is necessary to avail aircon cleaning to remove accumulated dirt over time. Our team of trusted aircon technicians is eligible to improve your commercial air conditioners’ cooling power through our unmatchable professional cleaning methods.

Here are the commercial aircon cleaning services we offer:

  1. Chemical cleaning: It is necessary to perform chemical cleaning once a year. We assure you to provide dirt-free of condenser that can prevent overheat and causing spare parts spoiled.
  2. Overhaul Treatment: We also do an overhaul treatment for more thorough cleaning. In this method, we disassemble the entire air conditioner, clean its every component, and reassemble it again.
  • Commercial Aircon Repair

Fan coil choke is also one of the reasons for your office aircon not blowing out cold air. You might want to get your air conditioner repaired in this situation.

Our highly trained technicians solve any aircon repair services using accurate troubleshooting. Faulty air-cooling systems in commercial areas can make office employees uncomfortable that may eventually lead to a decrease in productivity. A commercial air conditioning repair company like City Cooling Pte Ltd understands your needs and quickly fixes your aircon units!

  • Service Benefits of Air Conditioning System for Commercial Offices:

Here are a few of the advantages of servicing air conditioning systems of commercial offices:

Lower operational costs: Tuned up equipment operates smoothly for reduced friction and lower energy consumption to help you reduce the cost to run.

Fewer breakdowns: It is actually damaging to afford the interruptions due to the air conditioning system breakdown. Untimely problems are a nuisance that may force you to temporarily shut down operations.

Longer equipment life span: All mechanical types of equipment are subjected to wear and tear, but regular and proper maintenance helps keep the air conditioning system running smoothly. It also improves the working of your equipment for many years longer.

Impressive ROI: According to a misperception of some business owners skipping maintenance saves money. But in actual maintenance pays for itself and potentially improves the working capacity and profit margins for a business.

  • Benefits:

Building Brand Reputation: When dealing with commercial buildings, the brand reputation is at stake by everything a company does and everything that happens at its touch points. So, it is essential to maintain the commercial aircon servicing in Singapore in the best possible way to keep the brand reputation intact.

Higher Employee Productivity: To maintain your employees’ productivity and effectiveness, you need to ensure the best environment. The air-conditioning of the offices and buildings comes under this category of maintaining the right environment. So, hiring the best commercial aircon servicing in Singapore is the right solution to address this aspect.

With all these benefits of the commercial aircon servicing in Singapore, you should see visible improvement in the results and the satisfaction levels of your employees and the customers.

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