The Mitsubishi Group has been recognized for more than 140 years for groundbreaking solutions and excellent products in its long history. In households, industrial areas, and industries worldwide, it has been a leading distributor of electronic goods.

The firm has taken the lead in several different categories, including air-conditioning, since its modest beginnings in Japan. With its quality cooling systems, the business has gained the respect and trust of all its customers.

For customers who own a Mitsubishi aircon, we are a one-stop-shop as Mitsubishi aircon repair in Singapore. Our dedication is to providing all forms of air-conditioning systems with high-quality repair and maintenance services.

We have become the best choice for several Mitsubishi airconditioner owners as Mitsubishi aircon servicing in Singapore, with our large customer base. They rely on our modern repair techniques and innovative solutions to the common problems experienced by customers.

Our objective is to make every home in Singapore, comfortable by ensuring that our customers’ cooling systems continue to function year-round. We provide the best preventative maintenance, AC repair, and troubleshooting, as one of the reputed Mitsubishi aircon repair in Singapore.

  • Some of the standard-issue, which you may face with your Mitsubishi Aircon:

Some of the common issues you may be facing with your Mitsubishi Aircon right now can be:

  • Reduced air blow of inner unit
  • Cooling problem with aircon
  • Water leakage from piping and the inner unit inside the room
  • Irritating noise from the inner unit
  • Unable to switch on
  • Gas leak
  • Why these problems occur?

There could be several explanations for the issues you are facing right now. The exact issues can only be identified by skilled and qualified Aircon service technicians. The service technicians may use the right methods or solutions to fix the issues by knowing the exact issue. Some of the common reasons for the problems with the Mitsubishi Aircon are below:

  • Lack of maintenance:

After a period of continuous use, any aircon that lacks maintenance can malfunction or reduce performance.

  • Dirty or oily environment:

As all the dust, dirt, and scent are absorbed into the indoor unit between the airflow and released out during operations, a dirty environment can cause your Aircon unit issues. All these unwanted particles will all be stuck in your Aircon indoor unit after a period of use.

  • Wear and tear:

Ultimately, everything will rot even with zero use. After some time, the parts of working Aircon units get inevitably weaken or spoil without any excuse.

  • Improper usage:

Any potential triggers such as incorrect temperature setting, daily start and stop, etc. may become the cause of your Aircon unit’s problem and condensation problem.

  • Poor installation work:

Unnecessary potential problems may be generated by lousy workmanship; pipes are not adequately connected, etc.

  • Services we recommend:

As one of the best-known names for Mitsubishi Aircon servicing in Singapore we offer following services:

  • Standard servicing:

This facility is primarily used for air conditioning maintenance, but it can also solve simple problems. If your Aircon indoor unit hasn’t been serviced in at least 6 months, you can usually start with this service. If other services or repairs are needed, our service technician from Aircon will advise you accordingly.

  • Chemical wash:

If your indoor unit is filthy due to heavy use or has not been serviced for regular use for more than a year, then once and for all, chemical washing is useful to clean the fan coil.

  • Steam wash

This is an alternative to washing with chemicals and provides results similar to chemical washing.

  • Gas top-up:

Most homeowners feel it was the first way to repair the Aircon to top up the gas when the Aircon is not blowing cold air, but It is not always accurate. Before continuing with the gas top-up, it is best to get advice from the service technician. At a lower cost, there could be better solutions to the same problem.

  • Changing of spare parts:

There is substantial maintenance work where parts of the Aircon do not work due to wear and tear or malfunction. Our service technicians can advise accordingly when there is a need to modify parts.

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