The aircon is one of the most faithful appliances that a home or a company can have, since the chances of it breaking are almost nil. However, aircon require periodic maintenance for proper operation.

That is why many companies selling, installing air conditioners, offer a maintenance service, and repair of their installed products and those that other companies do not know how to maintain properly. One of these companies is city cooling engineering. Our services are focused on maintenance according to the new Regulation of Thermal Installations in Buildings (Rite), which allows us to offer the best aircon service Singapore.

  • The cleaning of filters is important to do it at least once a year, since it is the key so that the air comes out of the best quality.
  • Control of the temperatures, so that the difference between the street and the air conditioning of our home or office is not very exaggerated.
  • Disinfection of the evaporator, avoiding odors when ventilating.
  • External maintenance of the device, cleaning the equipment from dust and dirt.

When to contact aircon services

The best time to request the maintenance of the equipment is usually before the beginning of the seasons of colder or heat. We advise that it would be before starting the winter or summer, in this way we can anticipate possible breakdowns before the need to activate them. In addition, it is the way to avoid that your services are not saturated, because in the heat of the moment, when you activate the device, it is when the failures occur and more servicing’s are requested than ever.

You will get lots of advantages by providing good maintenance to aircons. Here we ensure that you get to save both money and energy, as good care and proper maintenance prevents possible breakdowns and greater savings in electricity consumption.

The benefits of choosing aircon servicing company Singapore are as follows:

  • Increase the life of the device.

Thanks to the good maintenance, the life of the aircon is extended, since many issues are difficult to fix, being able to enjoy the device without any problem of between 8 to 10 years.

  • Greater hygiene and healthiness

With regular maintenance, we say goodbye to bad odors, sounds, fungal creation, and bacterial plagues that can directly affect our health. Problems such as bronchitis, rhinitis, or pharyngitis are often cause by poor air quality from air conditioning.

  • Energy savings

Performing a periodic maintenance, we are ensuring the proper functioning and, therefore, the normal consumption of electricity. Otherwise, without knowing it we could be multiplying the consumption and increasing the expenses.

  • Cost reduction

Although we may think that we spend more money with maintenance, but the reality is that we are reducing expenses by not letting the aircon system overwork and breakdown earlier than expected.
The maintenance of the aircon is the most important aspects to protect our home or office from the development of fungi and bacteria that may affect our health. We are one of the best Aircon service company in Singapore and expertise in providing installation, maintenance, repair of aircon, and all other aircon related services.


Here at City Cooling Engineering, we offer both One-Time/Adhoc Servicing and Contract Servicing which is customised based on our customers needs. One of the best deals for general aircon servicing/maintenance in Singapore! We would really recommend for you to sign up for a Quarterly Aircon Servicing Contract with us, as you would save alot more. If you sign up contract servicing, you will never have to worry about forgetting to get your aircon serviced. Our dedicated staff will liase with you by whatsapp/sms within the first week of the month that your servicing is due. They will inform you that your aircon servicing is due and they will assist to schedule for your servicing.


For Customers experiencing these issues (e.g. Aircon leaking after normal servicing/bad moldy smell coming from Aircon unit or that the airflow and coldness of your aircon is low.) We would recommend Chemical Overhaul over Chemical Wash. That is because Chemical Overhaul is a much more thorough version of Aircon Chemical Cleaning. For Chemical Overhaul, the indoor fancoil unit will be dismantled and the choked up evaporator coil that is full with lint and dust will be thoroughly flushed with Chemical whereas for Chemical Wash there is no dismantling involved. If you are not sure whether your aircon needs to be Chemical Overhauled, do call us to schedule for an Aircon Servicing appointment. We will send our experienced technicians over and they will advise on whether General Servicing or Chemical Overhaul is required.


We provide Residential and Commercial Aircon Installation, Aircon Repair and Aircon Spare Parts Replacement for all makes and models* of airconditioning units except for chilled water units. Please whatsapp us directly if you have any enquiries. For request of quotation for installation, might need to site survey. For Spare parts replacement, please provide us with the model number of the aircon/condenser unit.

Customer Reviews

City Cooling

Christal lynn
Christal lynn
01:49 08 Mar 18
First time trying out. Had a great experience with them. Website is easy to navigate & booking of appointment was a breeze. The office & technicians will inform of the pricing first & will only proceed if we are agreeable. I find their pricing is reasonable as compared to my previous one.
Balaji Sairam
Balaji Sairam
07:43 07 Mar 18
Very good servicing staff/Technicians. Very much friendly and professional. The appointment slots are very flexible and they are very punctual on their timing. i have taken one year contract and they promptly reminded me before the due dates every time. Highly recommended for ppl looking for yearly contracts..
Tumurkhuyag Saruul
Tumurkhuyag Saruul
04:15 09 Jan 18
I tried many aircon servicing companies in Singapore and wasn’t happy with the results. I am really happy with your service, thanks for the fast respond and easy time slot. Also thankful to the servicing man. They really take their time to clean properly and passionate at doing their work. Thanks so and really happy to continue having your service.
Vincent Ong
Vincent Ong
06:01 24 Feb 18
The first engagement, changing of insulation piping and wiring for system 4 for my entire home of 12 years old. It was a tough job with some miss communication to start off but still the team did a professional job. The second engagement, was sms to Calvin in the morning office rush to get him to arrange help into looking aircon compressor Issue. He was fast and responsive. Appreciate your help to get your team down to fix it fast so that my tenant can sleep well. This is a responsible company. Pricing reasonable and workmanship is very good. Highly recommended will engage your service again.
Vincent Low
Vincent Low
08:11 21 Mar 18
Fast response and great pricing! if you want quality work please look for city cooling engineering, technicians are friendly too !
chiu chuang khet
chiu chuang khet
15:29 03 Apr 18
City cooling engineering assisted me with the replacement of an inverter unit and chemical wash. They are objective in their assessment on what is required and would not recommend you to incur unnecessary costs. I found their services extremely satisfactory and at a very reasonable pricing. Highly recommend them to any one looking to engage an air condition servicing company!
Chee Mary
Chee Mary
06:43 09 Apr 18
Very friendly, professional and knowledgeable staff. Love their service. They did their best to give me an appointment at short notice. Thumbs up !
Elicia Chan
Elicia Chan
03:45 05 Apr 18
Introduced by a friend to engage them, heard of their good services and reasonable pricing. First time engaging them and very happy with the services they have provided, they are detailed in their explanation and patient even though I asked a lot.
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