If you’re handy with tools and love D.I.Y projects, you might make the mistake of trying to install your new air conditioning unit by yourself. On the surface, it can seem like just another home appliance and you may have the temptation to save money by handling the installation on your own.

The truth is, aircon installation in Singapore is a complex endeavour that can be extremely costly if not done properly. Unlike other appliances, there are several other critical factors that need to be taken into account when it comes to getting a new aircon unit up and running.

In short, it is almost always better to have your aircon professionally installed rather than depending on your own handyman skills. In case you need a bit more convincing, we’ve compiled a short list of the numerous benefits of having your aircon professionally installed.

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1. Save Time And Effort

Before we get into the things that can go wrong during a D.I.Y aircon installation, the most apparent benefit of professional installation comes from the amount of time and effort saved. Professional aircon installers are highly trained and experienced in the process, and are certain to complete the job much faster than you. 

They also have the necessary tools and equipment to ensure that the installation is done correctly and safely. Their experience also allows them to adapt to different situations and iron out any kinks they encounter during installation. Leaving the aircon installation process up to the experts allows you to relax and enjoy without worry, You can then spend your time and energy on other efforts.

2. Greater Peace Of Mind

There are numerous technical details and safety protocols involved in aircon installation. Attention has to be paid to the smallest of steps, including nuts and bolts, seals, and electrical connections. Any mistake during the process and your aircon may not function properly, It can even become a safety hazard in your home and endanger you and your family.

Professional installation means peace of mind that your aircon has been installed satisfactorily. Trained aircon installers are much less likely to make mistakes and come with guarantees on the off chance that something does go wrong. Professional installation usually provides a warranty period which covers any issues that crop up during or after installation.

On the other hand if anything goes wrong during a D.I.Y installation, then there’s no recourse to be sought. You will likely have to spend more money to fix your mistakes than if you had forked out for an aircon installation in the first place.

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3. Avoid High Cost Of Mistakes

Following on from our previous point, getting your aircon installed by the right experts can help you avoid incurring additional costs. Attempting to install an aircon in Singapore by yourself can result in mistakes or complications that can be expensive to fix. For example, if you damage your walls or electrical systems during installation, you may need to bring a contractor to ensure there are no safety issues and patch up the damage.

Even minor mistakes during a home installation can lead to increased costs down the line. If your aircon pipes were sealed incorrectly, refrigerant can leak. This causes your aircon unit to work much harder and can result in your electricity bills skyrocketing.

All things considered, getting a professional to handle your aircon installation is the smart choice. It may seem like a costly expense, but owners have to balance it against the many benefits it may bring. Professional installation is also a one-time expense whereas a poorly done D.I.Y installation can end up costing more in the long run.

At City Cooling, our trained staff are highly experienced in aircon installation, including Mitsubishi aircon installation in Singapore. We are transparent in our dealings and all factors will be taken into account and discussed before the final installation price is determined. Contact us today to learn more about our services and enquire about getting your aircon installed.