Many of us don’t appreciate the comfort and cool aircons bring to our life until they malfunction or stop working. Unless you’re willing to brave the hot humid months without relief, the only two options remaining are to either repair the unit or replace it entirely.

While minor issues like water leakage, weak airflow, or a dirty filter can be managed easily, bigger problems that compromise your aircon’s ability to function can be harder to fix. Over time, air conditioning units may also lose efficiency and could take longer to cool down a room.

Like any other electronic appliance, aircons usually have a fixed lifespan and it may be useful to consider whether it is time to upgrade to a new unit. Let’s explore some of the factors involved in making the decision to repair your aircon or replace it.

1. How Long Have You Had Your Aircon?

Aircon units generally have a life expectancy of 15-20 years. This number can vary greatly depending on usage, size, model, maintenance, and climate. It’s not unusual for an aircon unit to last longer than expected and many units do run for years without significant issues.

However older units are more likely to experience more frequent and expensive repairs due to wear and tear. If your unit is reaching the end of its lifespan, it may be more cost-effective to replace it rather than send it for continual repairs. Newer aircon units are also generally more efficient and come with advanced features which older models lack. These upgrades should also be taken into account when considering replacing your current aircon unit.

Has Your Aircon Been Well-Maintained-aircon repair-servicing Singapore

2. Has Your Aircon Been Well-Maintained?

Unlike many other appliances which are only in use for shorter periods of time, aircons are expected to run for several hours a day. This high level of usage, combined with the way their cooling system works, means that regular maintenance and frequent aircon servicing in Singapore is important to keep your aircon unit in optimal condition.

If your air conditioning unit has been well-maintained and in good condition, repairing it may be a viable option. However, if your unit has not been maintained properly, or has a history of breakdowns, it may be time to get a new one and start fresh.

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Comparing Repairing And Replacement Costs-aircon repair-servicing Singapore

 3. Comparing Repairing And Replacement Costs

On first glance, repairing an aircon unit rather than replacing it might seem like the cheaper option. But repair fees do add up over time, and a unit that breaks down frequently may run up the costs very quickly. Your current aircon unit may also not be as energy-efficient, which can put an additional strain on electricity bills.

When looking at the benefits of repairing vs replacing, it’s useful to look at the bigger picture. Sometimes it may be better to sacrifice short term savings for long term cost reductions which may be exponentially more beneficial.

Aircon repair vs aircon replacement in Singapore essentially boils down to financial prudence. Newer, well-maintained aircon units benefit from the occasional repair and can be usually relied upon to keep your homes and office cooled efficiently for years before needing a replacement. Older units, or badly-maintained units that malfunction frequently, may not hold as much promise and you might be better off replacing them.

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